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There has been a flurry of changes in the Banking delivery channels over the last 2 centuries in India. ATM (Automated Teller Machine) is one of such initiatives. The number does not compare favorably with the ratio of number of ATMs to the population in developed countries. The ATMs are predominantly deployed in Tier I & Tier II centers. ATMInstallation aims to expand the number of ATMs and its reach to Tier III to Tier VI cities as well, as part of financial inclusion.

ATMInstallation having a dominant presence across India with over 2000 branch network, we are on track to spread our ATM network nationally. By strategically setting-up WLAs in urban, semi-urban, we aim at enabling Indians to have easy-access to cash, as well as extend financial empowerment to them. ATMInstallationcompany is one among the first few Non-Banking Finance Companies (NBFCs) to launch WLAs in India.

ATMInstallation We are a Company Which provides the ATM Facilities near by you OR your place. ATMInstallation, that has decided to install more than 2000 ATM's across the country and shall shortly issue the detailed official guidelines to install ATM in your Plot, Place, Shop, Field, Market etc.

Our Mission

To provide ATM Facilities near by you OR your place.

Brand IndiAtm Philosophy (IndiAtm- Har Mod KaSathi)

'IndiAtm' is symbolic of 2 words 'India' and 'Money'. It reinforces the role 'IndiAtm' ATMs would play in the country i.e. drive financial accessibility for the masses across cities, towns and villages in the country and at the same time provide them with a delightful experience. IndiAtm ATMs aims to empower millions of Indians to access their own money with ease.
True to its tag line – Har Mod KaSathi, the brand aims to be the 'Friend in Need' for everyone. The brand philosophy is to be the 'Sathi (friend)' who is there for you when you need him the most. IndiAtm aims to achieve this by being conveniently located at main locations right from cities to small towns and villages of the country to provide the convenience of accessing their own money with ease backed with a safe and user friendly service experience.

Brand IndiAtm Color

The IndiAtm logo is an amalgamation of three distinct colours signifying distinct values but existing together harmoniously to create a strong visual identity. • Ochre is the primary colour: It depicts growth and the ambitions of the brand to be the ATMs of choice for users nationwide. • Blue is a reference to the heritage of the brand. A part of the Indian national flag and the colour for brand Tata, it suggests a continuation and adherence to their established values. • Magenta is a vibrant and youthful colour. Much like our brand. It’s a peek into our effervescent vibrancy and ever optimistic spirit. The three colors re-inforce the warm and friendly persona of the brand in line with the brand philosophy – Har Mod KaSathi

IndiAtm ATM - Your friend in need

IndiATM have been designed to be a friendly alternative to bank ATMs. The service offering caters to key consumer apprehensions and inconveniences like ATM cards being swallowed, short dispensation of cash, intimidating environment and user interface of ATM and privacy/ security concerns. We took note of these trepidations and designed it's ATM network to be a friendly alternative to bank ATMs.

Meet Our Team

It takes a special kind of person to succeed at IndiAtm … We value people who are passionate and driven by their own personal purpose. Who instinctively lead everything that they do, putting part of their self to it. Who dare to bring a change and believe that everything starts with them. Who go that extra mile to make a difference wherever they are irrespective of size of their role, hierarchy or size of business they handle. Our people thrive on relationships and strive to bring a smile to everyone they touch. Meet the Team that makes it Happen!

A Mechanical Engineering graduate and a PGDM from IIM Bangalore(1987), He has over 27 years of rich working experience in various companies like BhartiAirtel, Britannia and Hindustan Lever Limited.

G Shrinivasan, MD & CEO The Mastermind

An Electronics Engineering graduate from Mumbai University, Rajeev has over two decades of Global experience with worlds’ large financial Institutions like Barclays (UK), Citibank and HSBC and ATM Service Operators like Prizm Payment &Euronet.

Mr. Harish Desai, COO, The Brain Box

A Chartered Accountant with over 17+ years experience in Service and Manufacturing industry. Sanjay has worked at senior level positions across BhartiAirtel Limited, Eveready Industries India Limited and Williamson Magor Group.

Mr. Ramakrishna Mehta, Chief Commercial Officer, The Financial Wizard

A MBA Graduate from IIFT.Krishnan has more than 16 + years in Sales & Marketing and has worked at senior level positions in BhartiAirtel and Tata Global Beverages.

Mr. Krishna Ramesh Lingam, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, TheMarketeer